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New Banner
Nellie, Dorothy, Kathryne, and Lena show off new banner made by Perl Tipper and Joan Ashworth.

Linda Hawkins gives Women & Finance Program 4/2004
Betty McClung, Marge Pentopolis, Linda (with box), Betty Jarrell, and Sara Meador

Kathryne makes cover of July 04 issue of GFWC-WV magazine with our new banner.

Federation Day Celebration 2004
Members of Beckley Woman's Club plant and water new "Federation Tree" on clubhouse lawn.

Federation Day Celebration 2004
It wouldn't be a celebration without a cake!

GFWC Centenial Celebration - Wheeling, 2004
Nellie Amato, Kathryne Williams, Lena Conte, and Dorothy Roach pour Beckley soil on Centenial Tree.

Dorothy, Lena, Nellie, and Kathryne model club's new T-shirts displaying picture of clubhouse.

Close-up of Cover Picture - Kathryne flaunts our new banner at centennial celebration in Wheeling.

Federation Day Celebration 4-23-04
Mayor Pugh reads proclamation in front of clubhouse celebrating 90 years of Beckley GFWC.

2004 May Luncheon - Entertainment
Students from Theatre WV Professional Training Academy perform show tunes.

2004 May Luncheon at Black Knight Country Club
New Officer Installation at 2004 Annual May Luncheon

<< New Officer Installation (L to R): Lena Conte (Historian), Virginia Lee Davis (Corresponding Secretary), Betty McClung (Financial Secretary), Nellie Amato (Treasurer), Pat Phillips (Recording Secretary), Linda Ramsey (2nd Vice President), Mary Abbott (1st Vice President), Carol McClung (S.District President who proformed the installation), Mary Riner (President Elect).  Absent - Nancy Pat Lewis-Smith (President).

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