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Awards at 2016 Southern District Meeting
October, 2016
Arts & Crafts

1st Place Ribbons


Donna Bobbs:  Freestyle Art

Pat Phillips: Hand Crochet

Cindy Worley: Photography - Color Scenic, People

Betty Young:  Sewing - Stuffed Bear


2nd Place Ribbons


Linda Conte:  Wreath

Cindy Worley:  Photography - B&W Nature

Betty Young:  Hand-quilting


3rd Place Ribbons 


Linda Conte:  Miscellaneous

Marcia Fairlie: Quilted Wall Hanging

Pat Phillips:  Sewing

Cindy Worley:  Photography


Awards at 2015 Southern District Meeting
October 17th, 2015
Marlinton, WV 
Arts & Crafts

1st Place Ribbons


Betty McClung:  Ceramic Elephant

Betty McClung:  Crewel Pillow - "Tree of Life"

Betty McClung:  Quilted Pillow - "Pink Blooming Flowers"

Cindy Worley:  B/W Photo - "Tern on the Beach"

Lois Cooper: Hand Appliqued Wall Hanging - "Flower Garden"

Lois Cooper:  Machine Quilted Wall Hanging - "Candle in the Window"

Lois Cooper: Hand Quilted Wall Hanging - "Sunbonnet Sue"

Betty Young:  Sewn Vest

Betty Young:  Sewn Pillow - "Iris"


2nd Place Ribbons


Cindy Worley:  Color Photo - "Grist Mill at Babcock"

Betty Young:  Crocheted Vest

Donna Bobbs:  Crocheted Scarf

Betty McClung:  Embroidered Pillow - "Birds of a Feather"

Patty Jo Anderson:  Stuffed Doll - "Anne"


3rd Place Ribbons 


Patty Jo Anderson:  Color Photo - "Blessed Dancer" 


Awards at 2014 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs
March 20-22, 2014
Arts & Crafts

1st Place Ribbons


Betty Young:  White Crochet Collar, Sewing Basket, Notebook Cover

Joyce Hall:  3-piece Jewelry Set

Surekha Taherndragodkar - Red Crochet Shawl


2nd Place Ribbons


Perl Tipper:  Watercolor Painting

Betty Young:  Crochet Leaf


3rd Place Ribbons 


Betty Young:  Kintted "Baby in Basket"


Fifty-Year Member Award


Betty McClung


Awards at 2013 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs
March 22-24, 2013
Arts & Crafts

1st Place Ribbons


Surekha Taherndragodkar - Green Shawl

Kathryne Williams - Picture

Marcia Fairlie - Pillow

Betty Young - Snowman


2nd Place Ribbons


Marcia Fairlie - Quilted Wall Hanging

Rosa Clark - Quilt

Betty Young - Braclett

Pat Phillips - Dish Cloth


3rd Place Ribbons 


Rosa Clark - Sundress

Shelve Bittinger - Oil Painting


Awards at 2012 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs
March 22-24, 2012

Drawing & Painting

   Oil: Shelva Bittinger – 1st


Digital Photography (B&W)

   Nature/Scenic Landscape: Cindy Worley – 2nd


Digital Photography (Color)

   People: Cindy Worley – 3rd

   Nature/Scenic Landscape: Cindy Worley – 2nd



   Betty Young – 1st



   Household Item Novelty: Shari Jones – 1st


Hand Stitchery

   Plastic Canvas Needlepoint: Susie Atkins – 2nd



   Household Item Novelty: Betty Young – 3rd


Miscellaneous Crafts

   Stained Glass: Andrea Spring – 1st

   Stuffed Toys: Betty Young – 2nd

   Handmade Jewelry: Linda Polly – 2nd

Awards at 2011 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs
March 16-18, 2011
Individual Awards
Arts & Crafts:  Out of more than 200 statewide entries, Beckley women won 18 awards in this division.
     Shelva Bittinger - 3rd place for a scenic oil painting, and 3rd place for a knitting item.
     Lena Conte - 2nd place for an oil portrait
     Betty Young - 1st place for a still life painting
     Perl Tipper - 1st place for an acrylic portrait, 2nd place for a scenic acrylic painting, and 1st place for a mixed media painting, and 2nd place in an unnamed category
     Ann Barlage - 1st place in still life photography, 1st place in scenic photography, and 1st place for people in the digital category
     Shari Jones - Two 1st place awards and one 2nd place award for crochet needlework, and an honor for a plastic canvas item
     Betty McClung - 2nd place in basic embroidery
     Kathryne Williams - 1st place for flowers made from shells

Lena Conte with Publicity Book

Awards at 2010 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs
March 19-21, 2010
Club Awards:
Publicity Book Award to an intermediate club - 1st Place (done by Lena Conte)
Pearl Buck Award - 1st Place
Public Relations/Communitions Award to an intermediate club - 2nd Place
GFWC WV Scholarship Fund Award to an intermediate club - 2nd Place
Membership Award to an intermediate club - 2nd Place
Conservation Award to an intermediate club - 3rd Place
Rhododendron Membership Award for outstanding service in maintaining and/or increasing membership
Certificate of Appreciation: Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Program for a commitment to youth
GFWC WV Superior Club Award
Individual Awards
Recognition Certificates for 50-Years of Service:  Irene Fink, Mary Jane Songer
Stars for recruitment of new members:  Kathryne Williams, Lena Conte
Arts & Crafts:
     Shari Jones - 1st Place Blue Ribbon for crocheted afghan
     Betty Young - 1st Place Blue Ribbons for crocheted doily and still life oil painting

Perl Tipper with portrait of Cynthia Bickey
Perl Tipper, long time member of the Beckley Woman's Club as well as past president of the Beckley Art Group, stands beside the portrait she painted of Cynthia Bickey.  
After a total rebuilding and renovation of the Art Group's building, it was renamed the "Cynthia Bickey Art Group of Beckley."  The portrait was unveiled at their grand opening show in July, 2009.

Beckley Newspapers 4 / 9 / 2009

Betty Young and Shelva Bittinger were first place blue ribbon winners in the Arts and Crafts competition held in conjunction with the 2009 GFWC WV Convention at The Greenbrier in March.  The sisters grew up in Shady Springs and graduated from Shady High School.  They both have three children and are active in the Beckley Art Group.
Shelva graduated in home economics at Concord University and also in education at West Virginia University.  She taught 34 years before retiring from Woodrow Wilson High School and is now employed by WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) on Harper Road.  Shelva took painting lessons from Jo McCoy at the Beckley Art Center where she painted "Magnolia," her winner at The Greenbrier.
Betty received nurse's training at Radford College in Virginia and began her nursing career at the old Raleigh General Hospital when it was on Park Avenue. She was also a nurse at the Beckley Hosopital and worked 40 years before retiring.  Betty's first place winners in the Arts & Crafts competition were a machine quilted item, a 16"x20" paper-pieced "Singer Wall Hanging," and an acrylic painting called "Basket of Flowers."

Awards at 2008 GFWC WV Convention
The Greenbrier inWhite Sulphur Springs
March 28-30, 2008
      Attending the 2008 WV-GFWC Convention from the Beckley Woman's Club were Linda Ramsey (President), Kathryne Williams (2nd Vice President), Nellie Amato (Treasurer), Lena Conte (Historian), and Perl Tipper (Arts in the Community Chairman).  Awards were as follows:
In the Arts & Crafts competition...
       1st place ribbons went to Shari Jones, Joan Ashworth, and Kathryne Williams
         2nd place ribbon winners were Lena Conte, Betty Young, and Kathryne Williams
         3rd place ribbons went to Perl Tipper, Kathryne Williams, and Betty Young.
The Beckley club also received...
         a 1st place certificate for their work in the "Arts in the Community" division,
         a 1st place in Membership,
         a letter of appreciation from the GFWC International President, Jacquelyn Pierce, for its
              contribution to the 1734 Society, and
        Honor and superior ribbons for complying with state guidlines.  

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