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Raleigh County Veteran's All Wars Museum

Nelle Keefer (right) Getting Sign Ready for Veteran's Day Parade
Attending V-Day Activities: M. Pantoplus, L. Sumner, V. Diciuccio, K. Williams, D. Roach

Dr. Theresa Edwards, Hostess, with Dan Janutalo at "Meet the Legislators"

Beckley Woman's Club Booth at the YMCA International Dinner, Raleigh County Armory

Planting Cosmos Seeds at Tamarack

Participants (left to right): Kathryne Williams, Lena Conte, Nellie Amato, Rosemarie Corey, Regina Pallares, Joan Ashworth, Carole Turner, Virginia Lee Davis, Dorothy Roach, Tamarack Rep., Nancy Pat Lewis Smith, Hullet Smith (former Governor of West Virginia).

Program on All Wars Museum: Linda Sumner, Sally Susman, Nancy Pat Lewis-Smith
Gladys Gwynn and Nelle Keefer Readying Car for the Parade

Virginia Diciuccio with Senator Rockefeller at the American Legion Bldg. Following the Parade

Virginia Mahan, Russ Weeks, Linda Sumner, Billy Wayne Bailey at "Meet the Candidates"

Bob Kiss, House Speaker, Enjoying the "Meet the Candidates" Reception

Planting Seeds at the Southern WV Youth Museum

Planting Cosmos seeds, the "Random Acts of Kindness" flower, are Pat Phillips (Conservation Chairman), Virginia Lee Davis, Anna Rose Parker, and Buford Hartsog (in charge of the Youth Museum Gardens).

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